If you’re reading this it means that the new psyreviews is now live!

I’ve got to give massive, huge thanks to JJ for hosting, fixing, and upgrading the site, totally without my asking, and without his expecting anything in return.

It’s blissfully reassuring to know that there are still people that support nonsense like this. And while I agree that it’s not appropriate to force ads everywhere, if anyone out there should happen to be looking for IT Support in Sydney then do me a favour by doing him a favour.

Anyway, as well as looking snazzy on mobile and tablet devices, the site has a couple of other new features.

First up, I’ve been able to fully lock onto the long-held dream of having embedded music on review pages. You might recall that a few releases in 2009 and 2010 had this enabled, but it wasn’t terribly graceful (and, if I recall correctly, they required an external Flash window to open up. Yuck.)

The solution comes via Spotify, and while not all the music here is available there, a surprising amount is. So what the hell. It’ll take me a while (ok, forever) to add Spotify widgets to all the pages so bear with me.

Also, Disqus. This is the platform that controls the comments and supports login via Twitter and via Facebook. I wanted to keep FB at arms length, but given that there’s a ooo exciting psyreviews Facebook page, some sort of ¬†integration is sort of necessary. So, you can Like the living shit out of things, but hopefully in a way that’ll keep the tinfoil hat brigade reasonably quiet.

Finally, it’d also be cool if you message me about any bugs or weird things happening (preferably confined to what happens on the site.) And also, if you hear of any good music around, a headsup would be appreciated =)