Various – Depth Charge (Interchill)

Posted in Reviews 2013 by - Apr 24, 2013
Various – Depth Charge (Interchill)
  • Release Date: 4/2013

Fap, basically.

It’s a super awesome welcome back to Interchill, a label I’m personally delighted has weathered the multiple storms of dwindling sales, mp3 streaming, and Beatport. Depth Charge is their first compilation since 2009′s One Dub, and it showcases the newer and edgier sound — there’s dubstep, Naasko, but not as we know it.

Daega Sound’s Don’t Stop kicks off with a delicious sense of space between the sounds. Dub is shedding the step and we’re left with a syrupy new genre to get on and enjoy. Bakir’s Deep End spends most of its time, as the name might suggest, down …

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Etnica – Live In Athens 1996 (DAT)

Posted in Reviews 2012 by - Jan 10, 2013
Etnica – Live In Athens 1996 (DAT)
  • Release Date: 12/7/2012

Well, what a jolly surprise this was. I had no idea there was even a recording of Etnica live from 1996 (although I was loosely aware of a bit of Brixton folklore that one night at the Fridge, when they were supposed to be recording a live set / jam / live PA, but that one of Etnica was too binned to hit the Record button.)

It is, folks, a genuine bona fide 1996 live recording, mastered deliciously, and it’s incredible. At first listen, I’d forgotten that it was actually something from back in time that somehow surfaced to the present …

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OOOD – You Think You Are (Vertigo)

Posted in Reviews 2012 by - Nov 23, 2012

I was a bit shocked to learn of this, OOOD’s fifth album, at such a late stage in the day. For the last two (or three?) albums, I was much more plugged-in to the digital doofmatrix (or whatever) and was keenly aware of the progress and releases of more or less everything. I had no idea that You Think You Are was on the way, and that made it all the more  of a happy surprise.

You see, the thing is that You Think You Are is the album that OOOD have always been promising they could make. For years.

Don’t get …

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Cosmithex – Aquarius EP (Joof)

Posted in Reviews 2012 by - Sep 22, 2012

Two things have changed in the time that Psyreviews has been on hiatus. One is that we’re back to a single-led musiconomy, similar to the days of the 12″, where a single track or a track and its flipside were enough to attract a purchase. The last five years have seen a perfect storm of CDs becoming unsexy, fast internet being everywhere, and mp3 players in pockets that have legitimised the digital download. As a result, artists and labels can establish themselves more quickly in the increasingly fragmented “scene”.

The second thing that’s happened in the last few years is Jon 00 …

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OddWave – Signal To Noise (Spliff)

Posted in Reviews 2012 by - Sep 22, 2012

French act OddWave is a new one on me, but then fair enough I’ve been living under a rock for the past five years, and extremely nice it was as well thanks very much. This is sort of an Extended EP, an EEP if you will (but please don’t). Six tracks released on Spliff Music, who I always associated with gash fullon but who seem to be a little braver with their output now.

The melting pot has already melted, apparently, so things are reforming on the floor in sticky puddles. Signal To Noise brings in several elements and influences from …

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Protonica – Form Follows Function (Iono)

Posted in Reviews 2012 by - Sep 22, 2012

So, bloody hell then. It’s an actual review, of an actual thing released this year — released last month in fact, making yours truly giddy with the excitement of having his finger so close to the collective musical pulse. Thanks Spotify, for highlighting this as a recommended release.

Protonica impressed with 2007′s Search, surely an impossible-to-Google album name if ever there was one, and Form Follows Function is a smooth and mature development on their tight sound. According to the blurb, no samplebanks or stock sounds have been used in this album’s creation: everything has been made from scratch, out of …

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Ott – Mir (Self Released)

Posted in Reviews 2011 by - Mar 16, 2011

Delicious. Here’s a new album from the man who single-handedly did something with one hand to chilled psychedelia in 2003 with Blumenkraft, giving everyone something to dance to that wasn’t 145bpm a good five years before the onslaught of f*ing minimal.

What’s perhaps most significant about this is that Ott is the largest “old skool” psytrance bod to make the transition from the classic artist-label model to the New World One-Click Order. There’s no Twisted records in the equation here; no self-released monkier either. CD’s are available soon, but the real story is the worldwide multif0rmat $10 digital download via Bandcamp.

Let’s be …

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Younger Brother – Vaccine (Twisted)

Posted in Reviews 2011 by - Mar 15, 2011

Coldplay return with their most phantastic and ambitious album yet. The British band have gained an increasingly largeish reputation on the international stage in recent months, and with this release they complete their metamorphosis into exactly the sort of thing your Dad might listen to when picking you up from school were you still fifteen.


Vocalist Chris Martin is much more prominent here than on their previous outing Last Days Of Gravity. There are vocal tricks and soarings reminscent of their early shot to fame Yellow (for some reason missing from the digital reissue of Coldplay’s debut A Flock Of Bleeps.)


Martin displays …

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Rhythmik – Picture This (Morning Monster)

Posted in Reviews 2010 by - Mar 10, 2010

Funk? Crunk? Laughstep? Disco? Takingthepissco? All this and more can be found on this  solidly excellent yet also baffling album from  Australia’s Morning Monster Records. Pitching itself somewhere between psytrance bacon mis-shapes and Loopus’ cousin, Picture This is a delightful pissabout set to music and while psyreviews often speaks of music putting one in the state of mind of “a beer in one hand and another beer in the other”, this transports you to a marginally pre-horizontal state of mind that smells strongly of tequila.

The Prowler opens with a simple melodic hook, before guest MC Hugo drops what …

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Total Eclipse – Tales Of The Shaman (Mandala)

Posted in Reviews 2010 by - Feb 23, 2010

I was itching to get my teeth into this one. Total Eclipse now only comprises Steph, and for me the act was mostly all about Serge anyway, so this is like going to see Cannon & Ball with only Cannon rocking up for the performance.

Now that we’ve alienated the 90% of the trance world who have no idea (or interest in) who Cannon and Ball are, let’s get nostalgic for a time period slightly more recent than 1981. Total Eclipse did some utter belters down the ages, and I’m sure we all have our favourite (since you asked, Sunrise). I’m …

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