1200 Micrograms – Ritualism (Tip)

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1200 Micrograms – Ritualism (Tip)

We have come full fucking circle, ladies and gentlemen.

In a world when “the scene” (is that still a thing?) seems hell bent on slower, moodier beats and an endless trough of post-minimal lets-just-all-fucking-stand-still-shall-we shitgressive, it is not without acknowledgement of irony that this very digital outlet finds itself kneeling at the sandals of Riktam, Bansi and someone called Chikki, bathing in the glory of someone having some fucking tranceballs again.

The formulaic nonsense that 1200 Mics used to churn out is now vintage formulaic nonsense. I would genuinely recommend re-listening to 2005′s Live In Brazil for a schooling in how solid punk-production mixes with good ol’timey “nose up mother brown” tomfoolery. Amid the constant, withering footnotes to Guy J that we’re all forced to listen to these days, both that and Ritualism is a breath of fresh vapour.

There’s nothing necessarily clever here, but who cares. The 303s are polished like plugins, but who cares. The samples are silly, but that’s the point. Hearing this at a festival, you’ll forget about your dodgy knees and you’ll dance like you did at the turn of the century, when you wore Thai fisherman’s pants and before you had kids and owned a software company.

Delirium. I’m feeling delirium. Maybe the whole of 1200 Mics’ rotten historical output was a perfectly prescient pisstake and they, all along, knew things would be as shit out there as they are now, and they’d come back with this slice of brilliance a considerable dimension of which would only make sense in the consequence of their own, and everybody else’s, sonic effluence.

The EP (for sadly this player is only Extended, and not Long) does a funny jungle thing on Speed Freak, and crap synth guitars take it to the release’s peak for a minute of transcendental holy-shit-this-it-why-we-used-to-do-this brilliance.

Welcome back you beautiful, beautiful saviours.




  • Release Date: 11/2016
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  • Auld Lang Syne

    Since it is out, I have no day without listening to this EP. This three songs are the essence of this band. The best 1200 recordings ever.