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Firstly, a confession.

I was sent this  by a source who I won’t name, through the Contact form on this site. The email that accompanied it (which was quite hilarious) was written in the style of an old Goa veteran traveller who bemoaned the death of the music and whatnot, and then suggested I visit this rapidshare link and listen to what’s on the other end of it.

At first I thought this was someone sending me his own tracks, and the brilliant marketing tactic of voicing everything as a shoeless sixtysomething got me interested. I was sort of disappointed to then learn that it was a commercial release which I’d stolen, and I apologise to the label and humbly hope that the exposure on this site might lead to a couple of sales to wipe out my karmically-negative actions.

So. Is this nu-Goa? No. Nu-Goa has a sort of self-consciousness about it, like it wants to sound like Blue Planet Corporation used to sound at a very specific point in his artistic timeline. Musically, it’s constantly monitoring itself to check conformity and fluidity, and this stifles its soul.

Nitz-Ho-Goa! is nothing like that. It is modern Goan music without any sort of self-checking, self-referentialism, self-anything. It is barbarically free music, the sort of thing played by whirling dervishes and they whirlwindly whirl in a dervish-ish manner.It is awesome, awesome fun.

As I will attempt to show, this album is in each and every respect Supremely Fucking Excellent.

Nitz-Ho-Goa! contains a blend of Goa and Nitzhonot, which is apparently a sort of proto-Goa Israeli music that sounds like electronic elephants doing a victory dance.

The combination of oldskool melodies, shameless samples, conscious Astral Projection references and victorious elephants makes up for something that’s Supremely Fucking Excellent.

Eastern melodies! Massive bass thunks! Really big! Bigger than Really Big! Like, Really, Really, Really Big!

The cover art is also Supremely Fucking Excellent. There are Gods, incarnations, an unreadable font and lots of colours. Excellent, I’m sure you’ll Supremely Fucking Agree.

Not only is the cover art Supremely Fucking Excellent and The Best Cover Art Since Tantrance 3, the label has also done a Spremely Fucking Excellent banner which — and this goes wildly against core psyreviews principles — I’m going to include and link to the label’s homepage:-


(EDIT: by 2012, the banner was nowhere to be found.)


See? “Supremely Fucking Excellent”, I can almost hear you chanting.

In adding the above banner and link I just went to the label’s homepage where there is a wonderfully frank blog post about how disappointed they are to have see the album spreading like wildfire on the Mycel tentacles. There’s a Shop function on there, and for the comparatively low price of fifteen Australian dollars including postage I ordered a copy of the CD because I think, ladies and gents, that this album is Supremely Fucking Excellent.

Musically — do you want to know what the music’s like? Well, as I’ve already said it’s big, it’s shameless, it’s unaviodably raw. And this is a huge, huge change and a huge, huge reward.  We live in times where music is written in an incredibly self-conscious way. “How can I make myself sound not like myself?” ask producers. “How can I make my music effective and melodic without sounding cheesy?”

Nitz-Ho-Goa doesn’t just take our music back to its roots. It delves behind them, underneath them, back to a time when it was all new and wide-eyed and there was no such thing as cliche.

Removed from the restrictions of convention and productional “acceptibility” there is a warm innocence that’s seriously — and I mean seriously — on par with early Tip, early Rhino, early Astral.

Conceptually — as well as artistically — this is Supremely Fucking Excellent.

I would implore you to follow in my digital clicksteps and buy this one. $15 of my money would normally go on six beers and while beer is Fucking Excellent, it’s not Supremely Fucking Excellent.

Another solid reason for buying this? Chances are you don’t buy a lot of music. Chances are none of us do. Chances are we download most of it for free, and chances are all of us do. Does. Sorry.

“If you’re gong to buy one album this year…”  is the start of a sentence which is clad-iron guaranteed to be meaningless. Except on this occasion we have a Supremely Fucking Excellent reason to buy this release.

Every other album, every other compilation, every other digital EP and single released this year, are all innately self-conscious, contrived, and crafted.

Nitz-Ho-Goa!  is innately fun, self-unconscious, made with love, and completely bonkers.

By buying this release you’re not only supporting an underdog, you’re sticking up two fingers to every shit producer and disappointing label, every generic release and every generic label, every disappointing live act and every sub-par DJ set.

Which is, as I’m sure you are  by now fully in agreement, is Supremely Fucking Excellent.




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