Weekend Heroes – Supernova EP (Echoes)

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Short EP, short review.

Supernova is all about the crunch — the hefty bottomend with deftly-produced pepperings across the top. It’s tight, and it’s here to do one thing and one thing only. It’s a nubile virgin contractor of a tune,  taking 4 focused minutes to get where it’s going.

“Where it’s going” is a massive breakdown where layers and layers get noisier and noisier. We then get a massive drop, and back we go to tight and tensile dancefloor bobbing.

Andrea Bertolini’s remix doesn’t differ drastically from the original; there’s a more percussive feel, and the effect of the breakdown-n-drop is more extended, less punchy, and more subtle.

All in all, it’s an anthem. It’s a one-tracker that you’ll either want in your DJ sets, or you won’t. It’s a decent anthem and further shows Echoes as being one of the leading cherry-pick-off-Beatport labels  in its field.



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