Solid Snake – Too Deep To Bleep EP (Tribal Vision)

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Solid Snake is a new side-project from Omar out of Tegma, and with a forthcoming album on the way it’s naturally time to kick out an EP sampler for the world to get its teeth into.

Too Deep To Bleep is an interesting one.It’s got onf foot firmly in terra psytranceic, with a bassline that’s more rolling than yer standard progressive throb. A few stabs and microsounds come in dutifully, followed by a fairly stagnant and plastic melodic hook… there you are thinking that this is redefining bog standard from within the bog itself, and then a breakdown happens. A breakdown and a drop.

It is tasty; the energy release is fantastic, and the wrap-up on the way down does just what you want it to. It might end with a whimper rather than a bang, but as a standalone example of how auditory energy can be conjoured from out of nowhere, it’s pretty awesome.

Karl Johan’s remix is phased and deep. If the original mix moves energy around, then this mix finds its energy, then simmers it gently over a low heat stirring occasionally and seasoning to taste. Good for what it is, but one can’t help feeling that Johan is going through the motions, and not a lot else.

You can’t say the same for Sun Control Species, whose remix is among some of the most explorative and individual-sounding progressive I’ve heard in yonks. The textures are what drives this; while the track follows the pattern of the original nicely, the additional elements that pepperover the top set it streaks apart. At the end, I’m left wishing the track was longer, and this never happens so it must be a good thing.

Not  a bad release. The original is a decent track built around a stellar moment, the Johan mix is an elastic dancefloor magnet, and the Sun Control Species mix is downright tasty. Get out and cherry-pick, digital purchasers — this is what this release was made for.




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