Bluetech – Call Of The Wild EP (Independent)

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I’m guessing that pretty much everyone is aware of Bluetech. As careers go, his has been an interesting one to watch: evolving every-further from the early psychill stuff, he combined disparate elements into one distinct sonic package and to my mind still offers up one of the more engaging and involving musical experiences.

It should all be very positive then: a new release, a new style, and a title that may or may not be borrowed from Jack London. Add to this the fact that it’s released as a free download from Bluetech’s website, and you really can’t go wrong.

The music is playful, tetchy and, at times, twisted. Dubstep influences are sparse, and they’re just influences — not wholesale adoptions. Abandon All Cities has just the right amount in just the right spot.

Musical influences, on the whole, are more varied and open on this than other Bluetech releases; whether or not this is a benefit of the Free release and it’s inherent lack of commercial constraint is one we’ll save for another time.

The final section of Another Bridge Burning deploys a neat dubby run, with a huge multi-octave-sounding bassline, and then sends it packing off into the ether happily. Mysteriosa Flambeau puts me in mind of Analogik on heroin, a folky groove with an incredible set of melodies that intertwine neatly.

Bracketing the release, Green Sophia sounds closer to what one might term ‘conventional’ Bluetech, while Spirit Summons sits more defiantly in the experimental camp.

The production is, of course, top-notch. Bluetech never seems to tire of finding new sounds and ways to move them, and there are often moments where it’s the silence between the sounds where the action is really happening.

Once again, it seems that Free is winning. Respect.




Download FREE from the artist’s website here.

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