Ace Ventura & Rocky – Dr Lupo EP (Echoes)

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We have discussed previously some of the reasons why moving away from an album-lead industry to one that places EPs at the forefront is a good thing. More choice for the consumer, the absence of filler tracks, and an arguable increase in output quality from an artist who no longer needs to struggle to find nine or ten tracks to package together.

It’s also a welcome change from a lazy reviewer’s perspective;  no need to engage with the fundamental inherent crystalline psychedelic energy of 80 minutes of music. This is back to the 12″roots — three versions of one track.  Pick which one you like best. Awesome.

Helpfully, Ace Ventura & Rocky have struck a bit of gold here. The original mix has a confident, laconic groove with a vibe that sits somewhere between light fullon and progressive. It bimbles — there’s nothing forced, nothing cliched, nothing desperately over the top, and the production is as tight and fluid as you’d expect.

There’s a sniff of something that I don’t think we’ve seen for some years — the resurgence of a track as an “anthem”. There’s a solid, recognisable quality about this track and I must admit to being envious of those of you who will shortly be crunching it up at the European festivals, at which one can almost completely guarantee this will be as much of a staple as over-excited foreign camping neighbours, overpriced falafels, and end-of-party ventricular  convulsions.

As for the remixes, Andrea Bertolini’s mix is thinner, tetchier — the electro tinges of the original are brought to the forefront and it’s all about building up to a succulent and enjoyable final 2 minute run.  Meanwhile Piatto strips things down a little too much for my liking, replacing the subtly surging energy of the original with the sort of sonic vacuum that impresses me from a technical and intellectual point of view, but leaves my dancing shoes just as unused as the muscles that govern the wiggling of my backside.

EP, I love you. Original mix is an utter winner,  and the inclusion of two variant remixes will ensure appeal to the Beatportuguese (sorry).

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