Sangeet – Cosmic Joy (YSE)

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Sangeet’s last album Fragile Noize, on Transient, was so bad that psyreviews didn’t even review it. And given that this was 2006, the same year as Total Anarchy and The Next Generation (our lowest-ever scoring review at -1,000,000 out of ten), not reviewing something because it’s bad is really saying something. 


would be great to say that Sangeet’s latest offering is his best, and while
this might be true Cosmic Joy is still exquisitely lacklustre.


has often been the case with his output, Sangeet produces music that appears to
be completely unaware of its musical and cultural context. Hence, we get
exceedingly formulaic, single-cell tracks with daft names such as Acid Base
Cluster, Biophysical Structure and Distorted Dreams.


of irony, we are subjected to prehistoric breakdowns, clumsy filters, 2001-era
scifi samples, and changes that you can see coming from a mile away.


production is above adequate, as one might expect from somebody involved in
music for the best part of a quarter-century. Its Achilles heal is twofold; the
above mentioned absence of crisp originality, and an almost complete lack of


are some promising moments. The acid swirl of Peaceful Warrior and the elastic
midline of Escobar make you sit up and take notice; unfortunately through
prepetition, their impact dwindles as you realise you’re listening to something
on loop.


music is pushed, almost crammed, into a melody-driven cacophony. He seems to be
pursuing some sort of spiritual enlightenment, yet doing so on an express train
and with little regard for the journey itself.


is perhaps best evidenced on the regulation ambient closing track, 1000 Light
Years Away. I remember the days when a producer would showcase that last track
slot as an opportunity to say, “hey look, I can write music for the mind as
well as for the dancefloor.” Sangeet can’t – it’s a hackneyed, clichéd piece of
cod-spiritual bubblegum that’s downright offensive.


has to ask the question – does Sangeet really consider this to be his best work?
Is he performing, and has he recorded, at his absolute best? I’m not sure which
side of the fence I occupy on this. Either Sangeet isn’t putting his heart and
soul into his music, or we’re looking at a situation where the absolute best he
can do falls far short of what people were doing five years ago. I’m not sure
which is worse.

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