Didrapest – Point Therapy (Boa Group)

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And sigh. Then fart. Then yawn again.

What I love about Didrapest is the name. It always reminds me of Tobias Fuenke of Arrested Development, who creates a new professional entity that’s half Analyst and half Therapist – Analrapist.

It’s a visual gag, you need to see the word written down. One wonders if Didrapest is an intentional anagram of Ded Rapist; if nothing else, he certainly creates music that leaves one longing for the pleasure and  connectedness of necrophilia.

Childish snickerings aside, Point Therapy is only marginally worse than Didrapest’s 2007 flop Psychedelic Injection. The name of the game is formulaic (with every track hovering between the 144.9 and 150.1 BPM mark), and they execute this dross formula tosh with predictable 32-beat aplomb.

Their midsections are uniformly cluttered. Seven or eight sounds join in the party where three would suffice, and the result is forced. Nothing breathes, nothing is organic, nothing sounds natural.

The sheer ‘formulaicness’ is staggering: skip every track to five minutes in, and you’re in a breakdown. Skip every track to six minutes, and you’ve got a hectic final run with loads of high-end tweaks, that lasts all of 45 seconds before the ploddy mix-out bit.

Remember when an album being formulaic was a mortal sin? We panned Eskimo for using the same structure across a whole album, then we almost applauded Electric Universe for turning formulaicism into an art form of his own, such was his admirable adherence to retreading the familiar.

What are we supposed to make of it now? Is formulaic cool again? Is formulaic a thing of the past? Does it even matter now that people don’t really want CDs and will buy online, picking their personal favourite from the formulaic pile?

If that’s the case, then Didrapest do not write music. By offering up slightly differing versions of the same thing and letting us choose which one we want, they’re retailers. Or possible wholesalers. But they’re definitely not



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