Polyploid – Grow Your Own (Chill Tribe)

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Chill Tribe’s manifesto seems to be changing. They’re morphing into a label that’s plucking old underground talent and pushing them forward into the newskool; and while the last compilation Ear Pleasure was a little uneven, with this artist album the crew are really setting stone for their unique direction.


Polyploid is Chris Gannon, best known for being half of Deviant Electronics, who anyone from the mid 90s will know from a string of releases on a heap of labels. And if you’re familiar with the old sound of 21-3 Records, then that’s perhaps the best match for Grow Your Own.


This is what was called, briefly, “breakbeat trance.” It never really kicked off back then, despite Eat Static making it their own and more mainstream acts like Way Out West and Adam Freeland arguably taking its elements and making something quite interesting (and, let’s face it, lucrative) out of it all.


The music itself is scratchy, energetic, and ever-changing. And it makes you want to reach for that old breakbeat trance vinyl and see how it sounds today. At times it sounds a little under-produced, a little dull; but then the music will completely shift underneath you, sending you flying off in a different direction.


This earthy, organic vibe is something that makes this release unique. It’s grungy without being messy, lo-fi without being plastic. And when it works, it doesn’t just work, it positively shines: one of the three Deviant Electronics tracks Salmon Shandy is a smoothly paranoid bit of jazzfunk, Nought Ark is sublimely unfolding wonderment, Triumph Of Reason is a constantly-shifting bit of futuretechno, and Three-Quarter Tortoise sounds like Link Wray sessioning with a 1970s Eat Static.


It’s the freshness and the individuality that keeps you coming back to this release. I’ve been enjoying it immensely, and it’s one of those records you just know you’re going to be spending a lot of time with. Intriguing.

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