Logic Bomb – Sonic Algebra (Solstice)

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Somehow, Logic Bomb have played their careers bloody well. How anyone can still be a top-drawer psytrance act with a uniformly high level of respectability after no less than five years without an album is quite beyond me: even that quality-not-quantity idea goes out the window when you take an overview of their scant release schedule, likewise for their side-projects Tranan and Alternate Vision.


Sonic Algebra is decent, which in the current climate of poor releases means that Sonic Algebra is double-decent. It’s somewhere between the jam-packed, busy sound of Headware and the glistening fluidity of Unlimited without the balls-out influential significance of either.


The album opens with a muted sense of exploration; as though the duo recognise that after such a long absence, they want to find out whether they can still cut it. As a result, Rascar Capac and the first half of Mov Ax are play-it-safe workouts that reek strongly of unfulfilled potential.


They find their groove on the title track: an intro that seems to work out its groove all by itself, a backbone sound that sounds totally unique, and a rambling, psychedelic progression. It’s like something from Headware peppered with those clean, crystalline noises from Unlimited. And it’s also bloody good.


Jack In The Box is another belter. The sound is tecchier and almost like good-era Wizzy Noise. There are dives, peaks, twists and surprises… it’s one of those tracks that makes you wish you could dance on one foot, the better to move your remaining three limbs around in a violent yet funky manner. Meanwhile, Videodrome has a slightly misleading first half when you’re thinking it’s going to be standard fullon, before a rather fantastic buildup leads to a final run that has you begging for more.


I’m in love with Reverser – a track that is genuinely worthy of the names ‘psychedelic’ and ‘trance’. Just like with Normalizer, it seems that once Logic Bomb slow down the tempo they genuinely come up with something new and fresh. Reverser is slinky, sneaky, and beautiful. It catches you off your guard and makes you feel ashamed for thinking that people couldn’t come up with a new way to manipulate sounds any more, and create something new.


From here on, they can do no wrong. Ansi is a full-tilt bit of postmodern Goa that’s got signature Logic Bomb goodness running through it like veins running through an incredibly good cheese. Life Is A Progressbar has melodic structures that put me in mind of older Infected, or more recent acts like Nystagmus and Talpa; happily Logic Bomb make a more compelling case.


It all comes together with the deliciously affirmative Insanity Instantly, wherein at precisely three minutes and forty-five seconds everything that we love about Logic Bomb happens at once.


To repeat, this album is decent. It doesn’t have the cerebral thwack of Headware, nor the lightning bolt what-the-fuck freshness of Unlimited. But it’s still decent.


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