Highpersonic Whomen – Push The Limit (Exogenic)

Posted in Reviews 2007 by - August 16, 2007
highpersonic Whomen

Regular readers will know that Psyreviews is, for the most part, becoming increasingly disillusioned with the majority of identikit after-lunch progressive trance that’s flooding the market at the moment. Push The Limit is different, but it doesn’t quite fire up all the synapses that it promises to do.

Hypersonic Whomen either make fast progressive music, or proggy fullon. Upstairs, a collaboration with Setherian that kicks the album off, is too pacey to be enjoyed as a prog track, and too laidback to live up to its psychedelic rhythm section. Bite Your Lip, meanwhile, has a slutty Germanic male vocal on the top, but lacks the intelligent focus needed to raise it from the trashy-electro vibe it’s trying its best to flirt with.

A CDJ with a pitchbend extends the life of this album many times over: Black Lung can be brought down to a more manageable 128bpm, a speed at which it becomes a cruisy and deep groover, far away from the frenetic amyl of its 0.0% speed.

Where it works well, it works well: In The Moment and Mind Over Matter are about as perfect crossover tracks as you can get, with psychedelic vegetables sitting well on top of the progressive pizza. Likewise the italic edginess of the title track makes for a tight, direct sound that would add valuable grounding to any fullon DJ set.

The more experimental tracks are also interesting: Lycurgos sounds like Beckers is collaborating with Hypersonic Whomen’s alter-ego Haltya, and the way that Delete The Dancefloor fuses freestyle psychedelia with faintly Berlin-sounding indoor tribal is wholly compelling.

As an album it doesn’t quite hang together as nicely as it should. Push The Limit has some good moments, but they alone are not enough to make this the classic we were all hoping for.

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