Jocid & Psycobit – Blodder (Sonic Dragon)

Posted in Reviews 2007 by - June 25, 2007

Proper, how’s-ya-father, aggressive nastiness here. If you’re miffed that Azax Syndrom has become a bit of a pussy, if you don’t fall for Void’s mock-cock-aggression, and if you like your trance hard and techno-ey, then this is for you.

Jocid & Psycobit have taken a while getting this album together, following one collaboration on 2005’s Lo-Land Hi Tech. The result is a heady concoction of darkpsy, techno and tribal psychedelia. The vibe is much more involved and forward-leaning than Jocid’s solo output.

Where a lot of dark psytrance is simple pedal-to-the-metal frenzy-whipper, Jocid & Psycobit take relish in sticking in changes, metallic stabs, and numerous sonic tricks. The title track is the best of the bunch: ballsy, confident, overwhelmingly energetic.

They flirt with Goa (I wonder), they whip up energy from nothing (Nasty Sluts), they scare the crap out of your kid sister (Demon D) and they can do all this with great subtlety (Ditherjob).

The tecchy elements are refreshing, but they seem too marginalised: I liked the way Jocid’s solo stuff was laid-back, almost nonchalant and uninvolved. Essentially it’s a dark album, and making no bones about it. Blodder is recommended for anyone wanting to add some much-needed texture to a nighttime set.

In one word: hefty.

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