Talamasca – Obsessive Dream (Mind Control)

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This is really, really bad. Obsessive Dream is available as a free download, and while this legitimizes and guarantees its appearance on the global hard-drive, whether it will stay there for long is another matter entirely.

Basically what’s going on in this awkward comeback is that while Talamasca still has the ideas that made his older work shine, for some reason now he plasters violatingly shit melodies all over the place. It’s as simple as that really: as though some kind of shit Tourette’s is cursing through the veins of the music, driving it into the realm of the tasteless like a sonic Nietzchean will to failure. Almost every track starts out promisingly: you think, okay, this could be the one.

Eventually though, they all – without exception – fail miserably like 52% of marriages when the melodies come in. The title track sounds at first like the best Muses Rapt track that Muses Rapt never wrote. Then it gets shit. Supernatural: one of Jean Michelle Jarre’s nightmares. My Destiny: dreadful Eurovision melodies that I defy anyone to listen to from start to finish. Spiritual Renewal: tribal and magnetic, until the shithouse melodies come in. The only exception to this formula is Party Generation, which starts shit and gets shitter. It is single-handedly the worst, most laughable guitar track yet recorded: muffled megaphone vocals, terrible melodies… it’s just a joke, it really is.

The second CD is an onslaught of collaborations, with such depressing cohorts as Eskimo, Skazi, Sirius Isness. Do not bother with any of them: unanimously, they sound exactly like the “other person” except with some dreadful melodic touches here and there.

As an album, Obsessive Dream is utterly beyond dreadful. It’s beyond hackneyed, it’s beyond clichéd, it’s beyond unlistenable. However, it’s not really an album.

In Talamasca’s world, artists no longer survive by selling records: they survive from live and DJ gigs. Hence the goal of Obsessive Dream is not to be a good record, but to attract as much interest from promoters as possible.

It’s a logical truism, therefore, that the lowest common denominator must be pandered to.

The real disappointment is that Talamasca is to a lot of us one of the pioneers of the scene: Beyond The Mask is brilliant, Musica Divinorum fairly brilliant. This is just a waste of binary. It is one of the only albums I can honestly say is worse than Dali.

To see what the fuss isn’t about, go here: http://www.mindcontrolrecords.com/free.html

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