Error Corrective – Fade Instinct (Wild Things)

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error corrective fade instinct review 

The UK’s Error Corrective have made a massive name for themselves on home soil, and had already started to penetrate the rest of the world before the emergence of this album. Their style is a sort of underground syncopation, with a certain asphyxiating tightness in their production.  

While there are some intriguing moments here, for the most part it’s all inyaface, all-levels-maxxed music that’s all well and good if you’re at a squat throwing yourself at the speakers, but less wonderful if you’re anywhere else.

Corrective Theme, for example, has some great changes and the runs and lines are well-executed. The Toymakers and Drugability are essentially stabs at doing the same thing again: again with some nice touches, but somewhat lacking in substance. Optic Lock shifts the focus up toward the sun slightly, with a more positive groove that works well balanced against their ganrly, vicious rhythm sections.  

Grem Vib has an acidic groove that puts me in mind of what Space Cat used to do at his peak, and the warpy noises running throughout Tabula Rasa are certainly satisfying. After that, it’s ploddy until the upward-motion of BFG 9000 adds a crucial bit of colour.

One thing that strikes me is that Error Corrective sound an awful lot like early GMS. Hang on a second: I mean “early GMS” as in “good GMS”, Chaos Laboratory-GMS, Growly Family-GMS.

It’s frustrating: their sound is cracking and a large part of me vehemently wants this album to be brilliant. On the whole Fade Instinct is all about movement within one particular sound: by no means have Error Corrective reached even a slither of their full potential.


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