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I just found this from a psyreviews 2004 mailout that never made it on the tinternet


AOL keyword: Somewhere, over the rainbow… Wayhey! A pie!


Chicken & Mushroom
Esso Forecourts

Surprisingly, it’s almost two years since the last installment from this cutting edge Pie label. And the boys from ginsters have pulled out all the stops, this time concentrating on what they do best — putting bits of chicken and mushroom in a pie. Okay, it’s not the most groundbreaking of pie by this year’s standards, but for those who know what they like, look no further.



Contemporary Australian
Brunswick Street

Australians like their pie — or "doof" they call it there — hard, fast and full of spices… much like this great pie. Definitely not for cheesier dancefloors, but chefs with a bit of bravery who drop it at the right moment will find it wickedly effective. Top marks for an excellent and genuinely refreshing pie!



No Frills
Steak And Kidney

Proper filthy squatparty pie the way it should be!! Reminiscent of being sardined into the backroom at a london ‘venue’ watching someone alleged to be Chris Liberator circa 1998, this is classic pie revisited with all the ingredients you’d expect: minimum 0% meat, kidney chunks probably salvaged from a medical students’ pissup and no use-by date. ‘Avin it!


Vietnamese Roadkill
East Asian Layby

This one confused the hell out of us here at piereviews. No ingredients listed on the low-grade packaging, but we’re pretty sure it’s not cow. It leaves an unpleasant taste in the mouth and smells like a rancid heart left to soak in a urinal for a weekend. Essentially the kind of pie they play at Antiworld in London.



Pukka Pies
Steak & Onion
Chip Shops

Sigh… here we go again then.Once Pukka used to be the cream of the crop, an amazing pie company. In fact, many said they used todefine what PIE was, and other companies used tofollow. Since they changed their name from just Pukka to Pukka Pies though, things have gradually gone down hill. And doubly so with this boring, uninspiring pie. Rehashed crusts, disappointing fillings, and each one tastes exactly the same as the last. Must try harder.


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