Mr Peculiar – Infinite Evolution (Sonic Dragon)

Posted in Reviews 2007 by - April 16, 2007

True psychedelia should be visionary.

Hold your horses, because I’m not about to compare Melbourne’s Dustin Sallfield to William Blake just yet.

My point is that something in this music succeeds in capturing some sort of otherworldly goodness, transcodes it into binary, and delivers it squarely into your ear’oles with thunk, flair, and excitement.

Mr Peculiar has always had a characteristically submersive sound. His debut Elements is rightly seen as a classic, and the much-internetted soundtrack to 2004’s Syncrosect DVD created a sense of urgency that, admittedly, Mind-Dala didn’t really live up to.

Right here, right now, he’s back on form with an insanely good album.

The vibe is kaleidoscopic psytrance that’s positively dripping with goodness. It envelops you, shifts you around, and provides as rewarding a listening experience as you’re likely to get. Opening track Mystic Entity sets the tone with some intriguing changes and sections, and Hero is a tiptop example of Saalfield’s warm, embracing sound coming to life.

The Forgotten unfolds into an insanely good central run, with gritty determination right from the word go.

Mastered to perfection by Simon Polinski, I can’t stop raving about this release. It’s exactly what I wanted to hear, exactly when I wanted to hear it.

There is a lot of good psytrance around at the moment: do not overlook this one.


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