Bloke Takes Too Much Of Something, Is Sick In Gents

Posted in Comedy by - April 20, 2007

Bloke Takes Too Much Of Something, Is Sick In Gents


Floods of well-wishers and tributes of sympathy flooded the world of psytrance yesterday after a shock story that is unlikely to leave the world the same again.


A source confirmed that in the early hours of last Saturday morning, a Bloke consumed “a bit too much of something and did some sick in the toilet.” It is understood that the Bloke, 23, was mainly at the party for the drugs.


Ravers were shocked and distressed at the sight of sick in the lavatory. “Trance toilets are normally pristine,” said one reveller. “Most trance people will never go to any venue that has dodgy bogs. And because we’re all such lovely fluffy hippies, boys always mop up any peripheral sprinkle, and if we poo we always make sure it all gets flushed and that we light a match afterwards. Out of respect for the next person like.”


“Similarly, we never decide to bung loads of paper down the pan for no reason, leaving the poor sod immigrant worker croation club cleaners to fish it out the next morning. We love one another and all humanity.”


“We’re hippies. We’re fluffy.”

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