Vishnudata – Dreamforce (Space Boogie)

Posted in Reviews 2007 by - March 21, 2007


A more bona-fide journey across one artist album I don’t think I have ever found.

Vishnudata’s music has this incredibly organic quality: analogue lines split and morph like mitochondria, melodies rise and fall, textures pan around the room, all fired up by very slight atonal pitching.

I’m even going to stick my neck out here and say that it’s every bit as intricate as stalwart essential producers like Hallucinogen and Sensient. I’m only half exaggerating here: this is an incredibly well-rounded album.

There’s elements of X-Dream, old Wizzy Noise, Loopus, James Reipas. There’s dazzling chill (Neha and Peace Within, bordering the album). There’s deft funk (Fusepliz). There’s freeform-jazz-n-jungle (Too Slow). And, of course, there’s shitshaking suomi (everything else, exemplified on Beastmode.)

This has every hallmark of a classic.

Brilliant packaging, intriguing music, skilful production, and more genuine psychedelia than you can shake a glowstick at. Miss this at your peril.

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