Various – Trash Art (Tribal Vision)

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Something about this sounds, for the most part, quite limp.

Roman Rai does well with Disco On The Mothership, Duca’s Dirty Mind is positively sublime, and Jaia vs Silicon Sound’s groovy Like This is a delight; however all too often the remainder seems as though it’s going through the motions, electro-by-numbers stuff.

Antix’s remix of Flowjob’s Run Baby Run is a key culprit here, likewise Phony Orphants with the lazy Monkey Business.

Cracks in the progressive monster are starting to show, and we don’t need field-leaders Tribal Vision to rest on their laurels.

Hopefully this is just a blip on the Tribal Vision radar; fashionista music is something we don’t need.


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    If you’re wondering why reviews around this time were so short, it’s because of rationing. Times were hard in the lead-up to the GFC, kids.