Various – Speaker Grease (Antiscarp)

Posted in Reviews 2007 by - March 21, 2007

Long-serving web-only label Antiscarp has finally made the transition to physical media with the wonderfully-named Speaker Grease. The creamiest Suomi sound will be known to discerning trance nuts with ADSL; if you’ve missed out so far then the world feels sorry for you.

Lightaman Jr’s Vina Lattia really stands out, Antiscarp Warriors’ Gallona is tighter than a nun’s chuff, and Garmish Partenkirchenz have a cracking sound with Collaborated, like an oldskool centre surrounded by future-schitz house.

This is proper psychedelic; no rules, no fuss, no pretence. Just quality, wiggy tunes with a sense of humour.

The Lo-Fi production is a tad frustrating at times – you just know that there’s more going on in the track than you can hear – but play it loud and it still certainly has an effect.

This should be prescribed listening for any artist signed to ComPact, BNE or Phantasm. Wonderful.


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