Various – Cyberdog 4 (BNE)

Posted in Reviews 2007 by - March 21, 2007

The marriage of styles here is intriguing. Cyberdog, the Camden-based wankfest of a clothes shop has tied up with a staggeringly suitable label for a staggeringly boring mix CD mixed by the staggeringly predictable, should-have-given-up-years-ago, Oforia.

Cyberdog is where kids go in London on their way to Antiworld, to make sure they have their baggy raver pants, tasteless tees, and wish-i-was-in-the-matrix binary décor.

Kids, and first timers. Fit-ins. This CD is exquisitely-marketed to this demographic.

The mix itself is poor, having precious little flow. There are technical hiccups, which really shouldn’t be there in this age of ProTools and Ableton.

The tracks are familiar and available elsewhere. As such, this is probably the most missable CD I’ve encountered in quite some time.

The ethos is cash-in. The product is undercooked. The artwork is rubbish. The shelf-life is minimal.

And besides, everyone knows that real trancers live in the Cider Bog. Ba-boom tiss.


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