Seahorse Transform – Dust From A Trip (Sofa)

Posted in Reviews 2007 by - March 21, 2007


The first release in some time from Iboga’s chilled sublabel, and what a weird one it is. It’s vaguely world-y ethno chill, every bit as orientalist as that genre description sounds.

I remember a lot of chillout releases a few years ago so having this general attitude and sound as though they’re trying to educate the listener; a kind of supposition that its audience only listens to 145bpm killah, and needs to be taken on a musical journey.

Trouble is, when that musical journey is neither especially musical nor is it especially a journey, it falls flat on its face. What we’re confronted with is extremely shanti chill; but whereas shantimasters Entheogenic have smart, bright production, this is all too often muddy, which doesn’t help.

I can’t offhand think of a more unnecessary chillout album; as much is exemplified by the cod-saddhu wailing on Mr Glowing Oak: it sounds like a Rolf Harris from Southern India, but it’s actually the Dane behind the mixing desks Simon Jagd behaving like an idiot. And that’s more or less all you need to know. 




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