Audialize – Starship Earth (Third Eye)

Posted in Reviews 2007 by - March 21, 2007


This is probably best described as nighttime trance that picks up melodies and ravey bits as the tracks go on. It’s not great.

The guitar on Sauce Commander is that 1200mics one we’ve heard about 1200 times before, the melodic rushes on Trancecryption are effective but too brash, and plenty of the rest (Meet Yourself, Center View, Plasma Glow) take place without much ebergetic fanfare.

The title track works nicely: with less pedal-to-the-metal, the track can breathe and work its hypnotic, rabbit-hole magic; otherwise Fun Rules is just about the best of the bunch, with nice sounds, decent energy, and a brash presence.

The lack of punch and power isn’t helped by understated mastering – a lot more could have been drawn out of this with the correct final filtration.

There’s something about this guy’s music that I really want to like, but Starship Earth doesn’t live up to its own potential. Disappointing.

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