Various – Fahrenheit Project Part 6 (Ultimae)

Posted in Reviews 2007 by - February 22, 2007



I can’t think of a label that’s more confidently accomplished and consistently high-quality than Ultimae, downtempo or otherwise. This, their 20th release, is just as saliva-encouraging as their first.

The highlights here are too many to mention: Cell’s far-reaching Erasing Pluto, Solar Fields’ masterful Levitate, Aes Dana’s glistening Bam and Hol Baumann’s sad, pensive Radio Bombay.

At times it gets a little noodly and self-absorbed (Irukandji’s Whale Street is mesmerising and boring at the same time) but at the end of the day this does what Ultimae do best: distant, moody ambient chillout that’s in a league of its own.   




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