Various – Dusty Nation Part 3 (Dance N Dust)

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A lot of the progressive to have landed at Psyreviews Towers lately has been so dull, writing about it is about as exciting as writing about Post-Industrial Revolution Economic Models In Provincial Northern England. And hence I don’t write about them (but my book about post-industrial revolution economic models in provincial northern England is coming along a treat.)

One notable exception it this bright, fluid and unpretentious compilation from Dance N Dust.

Pythagoraz’s Once Upon A Time is a wonderful intro, and El Zisco’s Del Aire and Sabor A Techno satisfy that part of your brain that likes things pumpin’ away. Flame On Fire’s 5 Bit A is compellingly slomo and very, very drifty while Shaman continues the high-octane output from last year’s Grv Soldier album with Structure Of Sound.

Meanwhile Solano’s Inovation goes funky as hell without even whispering that dirty word “electro”, Decoy go back to basics with Atom Suit and with Threshold Productions’ ephemeral Highway 420 closing, the floaty-dreamy sound is covered neatly.

What I like about this is that Dance N Dust are still doing their own thing and staying true to the sound of the previous albums in the series; there’s no suggestion of jumping on the “Tribogal Vision” bandwagon here, which is refreshing. Well worth a sniff. 



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