Joujouka – Never Look Back (Madskippers / Psy-Harmonics)

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A veritable graduate of the old skool, Tsuyoshi has produced some awesome work over the years. His Joujouka outfit did pretty well – Re-Psycle Frequency being their most well-known track – and their return following 2004’s awkward Re-Model is something of a surprise.

 Joujouka is clearly an outlet for Tsuyoshi’s leather-clad fetishism toward punky electro; if you caught the Anarchy In The UK Track on Hadshot’s Electro-Punk album then you’ll now what I mean. Consider this more of a band-based, almost indie release – the band’s myspace page certainly has them come across that way.

There are wonderfully dirty synths (the sheer causticity of the title track is a wonder to behold), vocals that sound like David Byrne (Don’t Touch ME I’m Electric), deep acid house (Bring It Back), and some utterly unfathomable elements (Gotta Keep It Up.) No Tokyo is a clear standout, featuring unfettered balls-to-the-wind vomit-on-your-shoes punk goodness, complete with Tsuyoshi’s own vocals.

And the band’s return to olde worlde form is evidenced with Electric Live Sucker, sounding like it could be on one of those old, ultra-heavyweight Matsuri vinyls that idiots like you and me still have wet dreams about.

The Numanoid & Hyptist remix of Are You Elovetric?, and the Funky Gong remix of Boxrocker are bonus tracks exclusive to the aussie release. Both are more dancefloor-oriented than the majority of the rest of the album, would make a more than decent 12” in their own right, and make a nice little addition.

There’s something very refreshing about this. Tsuyoshi comes across as someone who doesn’t take himself very seriously, who makes the music he wants to make, and who has a bloody good time doing so. The promo video for Never Never – available on YouTube as well as on the CD – is something that would get me hugely excited if I saw it on MTV late one night.

Not to everyone’s taste, and only the sluttier DJ’s among the psytrance community are likely to air it, but if you have a soft spot for interesting, cheeky music done well then you could do a lot worse than sniff this out.  



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