Ultravoice – The Star Alliance (Noga)

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 You are probably aware that brainless fullon doesn’t really float the psyreviews boat much. And in fact, I was looking forward to ripping into this album with the sort of bile and fervour that has normally been reserved for the likes of Dali, Skazi and Hypersonic.

The reality is somewhat different.

While this is mostly braindead stuff that’s best classified under “footnotes to 3D Vision”, and it almost universally follows a daft, repetitive pattern, there’s something about it that I love. Well, okay not “love”. “Like” is a more appropriate word in the scheme of things but, on the defensive, I will concede that something decent in a field of shit is, after all, worthy of love in much the same way that you might love a lone bottle of Sol sitting atop a heap of bottles of Fosters. In essence, this is music executed with incredible style and timing. Yes it’s formulaic, yes it’s generic, and yes it’s fullon: but it’s very good fullon.

Ultravoice vs Liroy’s Whiplash thunks like a motherfucker, Illumination & Ultravoice’s Imagination has some seriously shitkicking elements, and Ultravoice vs Rizo’s Keep It Real has a melody that the dancefloor will seriously get into. But it’s the remix of  Ultravoice & Tactic Mind’s Computer Music that’s the memorable one here; a drifty intro, some glitchy bits, then power all the way.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say that this single track – if not the whole album – should put back into your brain some of whatever it is that most psytrance depletes like a 14 year old depletes stashes of porn.

The Star Alliance fails miserably on occasion; awful collaborations with serial embarrassments Perplex (boring) and Bizzare Contact (cheesy). And of course there’s at least a couple of fillers.

What I’d suggest is significant here is that before I heard this, I didn’t know I liked Ultravoice, and now I know that I do. This could just – just – be a nice surprise in time for Christmas.


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