The Good, The Bad & The Ugly – Wanted (Twisted)

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To start off, let’s get one thing straight – if you’re expecting the sort of cerebral, kaleidoscope-fuck-yeah sort of trance that Twisted have made famous, then you might be better advised to wait a couple of months for the new Prometheus album. If on the other hand you appreciate solid, blasting psytrance then this is one of the better options your creditcard has in the run up to Christmas.

The vibe is basically good-fun fullon, and I get the impression that the album is an assembled mass of 12 tracks put together from a pool of stuff recorded between this album and their 2001 debut. While most of the tracks fall into the category “fullon with a bit of a twist”, the more surprising elements are the best. The slomo, prog-bothering Fuse has so much dynamism and funk that you almost wish the rest of the album was set at the same tempo, and the cheeky Moriccone-ness of the GBU Theme at the album’s end suggest a sense of humour that matches with sassy production better than anywhere else on the CD.

Meanwhile Scope’s combination of quirky sounds and familiar layering, peppered nicely to make something that sounds resoundingly different, is another highlight. DDDR&B is the throwaway one, recorded with Riktam and Bansi of GMS, and Scarface Market with Dado & Serge is basically boring. As for the rest of it, that good-fun-fullon epithet comes into play once again; occasionally veering into the realms of late Koxbox (Boing), sometimes losing its way (Guided Bomb Unit), but it’s all generally decent stuff.

By no means an essential purchase; but anyone with a soft spot for good, stable fullon will probably get something from this.





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