Various – Relaxed Journeys (Chill Tribe)

Posted in Reviews 2006 by - November 15, 2006

With their second release, Chill Tribe have succeeded in cementing a solid reputation for high-quality chillout with a star-studded release.

Altitudes – Blue Planet Corporation, Jaia and now Silicon Sound – open the album with the jaw-dropping Altitude II. Smooth, ethereal synths rise warmly into a whole journey that isn’t just impressive, it’s a solid argument for them to get together and release more music, and quickly. Nada’s Earthgarden gets a remix from new French artist Jong: solid again with a definite Interchill vibe. Adham Shaikh’s Indu is typical Shaikh stuff, very shanti and borderline comatose; I found it over-long and preachy, as I find most of his stuff, but one has to concede that it fits in well here. Digitalis’ Noodles is stunning, with glitchy flecks all across the top of a deep, warm and earthy backbone. Jong’s Unexplored Depths is a worthy debut from this new producer; fluid, aquatic downtempo with monstrous bass, ticklish topends, and a confident, bold approach to the music: more please.

Makyo and Solar Quest take things even deeper, before your eyes get opened by EldarLife’s Gone Gong: and it’s staggering. There’s something very special inside the music here, something crystalline and mesmerising, almost rotational. Norway’s Circular offer a great bit of proper-ambient with Ambulo (it’s just too short), and closing the album there’s Saafi Brothers’ epic Multiverse, a drawn-out beatless trek into the realms of something-or-other, very nice to drift off to sleep to. Make no mistake, Chill Tribe are one to watch. Label manager PKS has a manifesto that matches his discerning taste in music and is one reason among many to give this release a sniff.


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