Shiwa 2000 – Runkmeditation & Perstantra (Hippie Killer)

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Aggressively lo-fi madacidic music you can either use to transcend space and time, or to lose all sense of self and physicality halfway up a tree in the middle of the night.

Or possibly both.

Jazz Zoo and Laakitys Kohallaan are jazzy, freeform uproars with basslines that sound like a breed of funky house from the distant reaches of the galaxy. Bluez Like Me takes things toward the more conventionally unconventional, with some deeply psychedelic vox hooked hoffman-style over a slippy, shifting backbone, that even includes some Orbital-friendly touches. Nenaeongelma has the laconic drift of “proper” psychedelic music, but you can’t help thinking that the lo-fi, garageband sounds somehow keep it annoyingly grounded. Rofereggae is smoothly compelling dub, Kenguru is acid disco: unnerving, sultry, beautiful.

Hansson is kooky, jarresque, folky quirkpop, while Indiaano takes funk, pop, goa, electro and fuses them all into one oddly annoying ensemble. Zappapappa is either the best piece of strange music ever recorded to anything, or it’s the latest Crazy Frog knockoff; Rekkamiehen Pastilli is Megadrive music (in a good way) and Batargah is an oddly comical bit of gremlin trance.

Sienis remixes Merkababa, and it’s beautiful. A top producer, as we all know – this is him at his funky, manic best. Finally Didge Hero (Egosentrifug Remix) thunks in with shamelessly big Goa. This is neat stuff, staying out of that too-common Suomisound postmodern infinite regress; when it gets weird, it promptly regains its sense of humour just in time. Loveable, deep, comedic and – judging by past history for this sort of thing – wholly collectible.

Which is why I didn’t throw it on the floor after writing this review.


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