Various – Three (Pixan)

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Yes. Fantastic.


Firstly, Artifakt has still got it. Moreover, Artifakt has got it like he never had it before: the sounds, textures, escalation and release of Christian Conversion are nothing short of mesmerisingly, shitkickingly joyous. It is a great piece of work: it gets noisy in just the right way, it changes when you least expect it but most appreciate it,  it has you grinning with glee that someone out there writes music this good these days.


I’ve never really resonated with Blisargon Demogorgon’s stuff, and Following The Death doesn’t really do it for me. Dark psy is at its best when it’s not all hammer and nails, and while it’s true to say that Blisargon Demogorgon isn’t all hammer and nails, he’s hammer, nails, pneumatic drill, sandpaper and colonoscopy, all in one.


Uruz & Heggmatech’s Ace is far better – less is more, and there’s actually space in the music for psychedelic flutters to appear. Electrypnose’s Brasilian Jungle is nothing special.


Violet from Paractivity has one of the tastiest breakdowns I’ve heard in a long time. The escalation is all hard and dark, then it sounds like a melodic track is getting mixed in, before it disappears and the whole expanse of sound takes on this new dimension. Wonderful stuff: heaps of changes, heaps of trickery, heaps of goodness.


Bon’s Perverse Reverse has some compelling squiggles and a massive, massive escalating sound that drives it off to its peak. Meanwhile the oldskool analogue feel of 3PLT’s The Dark Side Of The Mood is just the earthy, mulchy bit of mess you crave at 4 in the morning when you’ve lost your mates and can’t find your carkeys.


I’m a fan of Twisted Reaction’s stuff, and Magical Forest Elves is way up there: simultaneously cerebral and kickin’, it unfolds into what is honestly one of the best moments in dark psychedelic trance you will ever hear. With so much uniformity out there, hearing something that changes and evolves like this is enough to bring a tear to your eye.


Wizard Lizard’s Distorted Patterns is decent enough, although a few less changes and rising wails would help it sound less like an angry Eskimo; and finally Full Face’s Time To Go To Anybody is interesting, but would ultimately have me wandering off in search of… well, anybody.


All in all this is a solid, solid release. To be honest, I’m pleasantly surprised that for all its shortcomings the dark subgenre can still be as full of quality music as this comp shows. You’re unlikely, of course, to play it when you’re getting it on with your other half (unless you’re weird, which you might be) but I would have tremendous and utmost respect for any DJ dropping this sort of stuff in their nighttime sets. Not that I’d be around to hear it, because I’d most likely be in bed listening to Showadywady.

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