Triac – Mean Between (Ear Peaks)

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Blimey. This ain’t bad at all. Yes, again. Triac have everything that Wizzy Noise used to have. Where early-Wizzy was tech-trance with a hint of psychedelic, mid-Wizzy was psychedelic with a hint of tech-trance, and late Wizzy is fullon with a hint of mid-Wizzy (or something), Triac is somewhere between early and mid Wizzy, except with a more industrial, low-key approach to the music. And this album is a hell of a grower.

Vaporized Triangles is a hell of a tune to start things off, with a hefty bottomend that sort of has all these breathing holes in the sides, to let the music do what it wants to do without being coerced. There’s some distortion, some swirl, some funk but not too much in any single department – the key thing here, and on the whole album, is how they manage to use comparatively few sounds to create vast, expansive soundscapes. Encrypted Session has a wink to X-Dream or the Delta circa Travelling At The Speed Of Thought. It bustles and hustles, and for a while it seems like it’s going to be a hard, hammering tune until it gathers some grace and opens itself out into a funky, groovy little beast.

Threshold Part 1 is more straightup, howsyafather atmospheric techno which, once all the elements are in place, cooks along nicely; meanwhile Yatzek’s revenge is prime culprit in the aforementioned Wizzy stakes, and wonderfully so. Mean Between is tecchier, with an electro groove that sounds a little like Fuzzion might sound if he was to edge towards a more psychedelic trance sound. It shows that the Triac boys can still do the business even when minimal is the name of the game; and through this sparseness they do remarkably well.

Concrete Waves is like The Delta remixing X-Dream remixing Wizzy, and it’s a belter. Menacing, foreboding and edgy but still retaining a musical sense of good ol’ psychedelic hoedown. Sink (Live Edit) loses its way a little; not that it matters, with Threshold Part 2 hot on its heels. Comparisons wto Wizzy have to be drawn again here kids, it’s all about that swing-out-of-the-mechanicae sort of thing.

Finally, Fast Food brings the album to a close in style: a nicely lowered-tempo, some smashing wide-open sounds, and a must-hear finale that has you begging for more; it’s probably their best single work on here. Mean Between is very, very close to being a classic album. Triac have done bloody well, but you get the impression that they’re still finding their musical feet. If there was a bit more oomph, a bit more drive, and a bit more dancefloor-friendly passion here then you’d have an unshakeable classic. It’s still good, don’t get me wrong – but watch out for these boys in the future.


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