Liquid Soul – I Get A Rush 12″ (Iboga)

Posted in Reviews 2006 by - August 17, 2006


Iboga are trend-bucklers. Not only are they enjoying tiptop sales as a natural result of developing the progressive sound that’s been dominant for the last year-and-a-bit or so, not only are they among the most professional chaps in the business, but here they are releasing again on vinyl – the “dead format” of only a couple of years ago. Swiss Liquid Soul is about to come back with a new album, and by the strength of this teaser it ought to be pretty nifty. I Get A Rush will please the Beckers fans out there (which, let’s be honest, is pretty much everybody). It builds up to a wonderful little drop about halfway through, whereafter it’s all that tight bobbing progtrance, with a deliciously slow BPM. The Motion remix on the flip (and also available on the Summer Collection 2 CD) is where it’s all really happening though – solid, funky tech with a breakdown that affirms your life and everything in it as being right. I never thought I’d be reviewing vinyl again – it’s lucky that I share a house with someone who still has decks otherwise I’d be buggered. Still, it’s a reflection of the times and should see this as cropping up in crossover sets all over the world. CD-based DJs would be advised to await the album rather than buy back their 1210’s.


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