The Wit And Wisdom Of Dali

Posted in Comedy by - June 06, 2006

"No one helped me get to this level of production."

"Up Yours", says Dali, standing in front of a recordstore display designed to highlight her musical abilities.



More Wisdom from Dali As It Happens….


from Subculture Magazine


"My guess is that psy-trance was created from rock with all the rhythm in it but in different bpm."


"I guess I’m one of the only females in the scene… but in the end it all comes down to whether you are good or not."


"The real learning in this music is about the sound production and how to push it better with each new track that you produce."


"No one helped me get to this level of production."


"I can’t pick only one colour [that represents me] because I’m a variety of colours…. It depends on the colour of the day and the mood I am in."


Sarah Jessica Parker, yesterday


"I feel alive when I am on stage and I try to give most of my self for the audience’s pleasure… I sing, dance, play the keyboards."



Email received 18 October via psyreviews website

i just wanted to comment on your dali review – and while i echo some of your sentiments i think you are embittered and carrying an agenda. you don’t give her an ounce of credit which is ridiculous because while she might not be a production master, most of her music is not amateur quality, furthemore she is about her live performance, energy and charisma and while obviously that can’t translate to a record, I still think you are being cretinous in your slating of her. Especially in terms of her musical ability, connect to the source for example is extremely well crafted, its also amusing how you pick her up on the fact she likes surfing, what the hell is wrong with that? i cant stand your typical mainstream bimbo like your good self, however I don’t think she is what you are  describing at all – you also conveniently fail to mention her biggest musical influence was pink floyd, which i think is better than most female artists can say in this day and age.


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