Various – Future Shock (Psy-Pneumatix)

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Being a bloody nice collection of Australian psytrance in its thank-god-its-not-space-tribe form. Syzmix’s Silicon Tears builds nicely into a striking midrange riff that whips up the energy and drives it all along. The final run is deeply psychedelic, a genuine stomper that ought to work well on the dancefloor. Nexus Crawler’s Vapour Trail is a breezily loveable quirker, with this insane acidic run that comes out from nowhere. It builds up nicely but finishes a little too soon – there’s a little bit of unused ceiling that I was ready to be bouncing around in.

The one non-Australian artist here, Barak, does a fair job with Brazilian 4:20. It’s not his best, but his trademark screeching works well over a shifting, more developed backbone. Blue.Md’s Future Shock is a bloody nice tune. It’s got that sort of morning, floaty vibe that Silicon Sound used to be so strong at producing. The melodies are fluid, the glide is effortless, and it closes with just the right amount of twist and whirl to keep you happy. Very classy stuff.

Psyboriginal’s Take All Three straddles nighttime music but has a clear, shiny linearity to it that lifts it out of the Azax doldrums and makes for a pretty tasty prospect. The final run, prefixed by a cheeky “let the bass kick” sample, is pure trancetastic delight. Liquid’s Texas THC is chock full of Simpsons samples, firmly legitimising it for novelty value. Other that this, the production seems a bit more lo-fi than the rest of the tracks here.

Nexus Crawler’s Emma O isn’t far off Shift-meets-Protoculture. Breezy and positive, it’s not as strong as his other track here, but it’s well-produced and well-executed in its own right. Bionic Empire’s Kingdom Of Heaven is tasty as. It’s messy, it’s got a baggy groove, it’s confident, it’s ballsy, and it’s kickin. Plainly, simply, kickin. Finally Cyanescens’ Dusk brings in some of that Byron acid into a more freestyle tune that doesn’t so much as play from the speakers as stalk you around the dancefloor, preying on the vulnerable bits of your mind and hoofing you squarely in the paranoia circuits.

All in all Future Shock is a nice collection of Australia’s emerging artists, with little if any reliance on cliché or standard doof fodder. And I managed to review it without using a single Australian cliché…………………………………………………………………………………..mate.


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