Tactic Mind – Top Of The Hill (Com.Pact)

Posted in Reviews 2006 by - May 30, 2006

Trailed by a release infosheet that quotes a genre of “Hard Dance/Full On” you would be under a misconception to expect even remotely psychedelic goings on with this release. Track after track of hollowed, galvanised, trance with 303 barks, ravey hoovers, daft high-end melodies, and peaks that would make Eskimo blush.

Circus Animal has a fluid, rotative motion but falls into rave-by-numbers. Real Mind is a dreadful fusion of hardhouse and psy, it thinks it’s dark but it’s dire. Shade is sublimely unimaginative, 2 Far 4 U is recyled and the way that Grind devolves from promising whirly psychedelic into infected-u-like stuttercrap makes you want to cry. Time Machine is solid enough, moving nicely and going through slightly less of a hardhouse blender than the other tracks here. Still, at the five minute mark you get sucked into a very tight, very linear four-chord meltdown with absolutely nothing fluid or remotely psychedelic going on at all.

Under Cover has some of the most cringeworthy topend flurries I’ve heard this year, and the title track is nothing more than a massive (and I mean massive) peak at the centre of an infinitely barren doldrum. Only Medical Resource, the closing track, offers anything remotely psychedelic: a low-set growly tune that explodes, at the end, into OMG-peaking-so-hard happy hardcore, before fizzling out like all your drugs wearing off at once.

As impossible to hate as it is to love, Top Of The Hill is uniquely uninspiring.

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