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Posted in About by - May 08, 2006

Some info for labels and artists wanting to send their stuff for review….


First of all, do you really want your music reviewed on psyreviews? Can you handle negative criticism, or will it make you run away and never record again? By making this point I feel more comfortable saying something offensive about you, if it happens.


There is no point in mailing CDs around
the world anymore. I’m encouraging you to send digital instead of CD,
because I don’t really believe that "the CD is a package of music plus
art" and therefore we should just cut to reality. Everything at
Psyreviews Acres is all digital anyway now, and CDs are inconvenient.


Unfortunately, I’m unlikely to be able to review stuff from recent years so if you’ve got something you feel I’ve missed then chances are it won’t get covered on the site. 


Send links to download your musc to music@psyreviews net , bearing this in mind

   – don’t send attachments

   – don’t send links to your myspace

   – watermarked mp3 files are fine

   – no WAV links without mp3 links (mp3 is fine 99% of the time) 

   – it’s easier for me to click once and download a promo than to click on every track in turn!

   – chasing up on submittions is a turn-off. At times it’s taken a couple of months to get reviews out, and naturally not everything can be reviewed. Chasing up at every opportunity is the quickest way of ensuring that your stuff will never be reviewed. 


If you’re reading this far, chances are you’re a record label so do firgive me for plugging EatDigital, a business in which I am a shareholder that provides sensible solutions for record companies to submit promo music worldwide.



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