Mood Deluxe – The Tangent Universe (Liquid)

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Thank holy fucking fuck for this. You slide the CD into your player, you sit back and before you manage to reach down to give your nuts a scratch – wallop, there it is. This album sounds important. It sounds significant.

What exactly are you listening to when opening track Causal Loop drops? Hiphop, dub, breaks all fused together with a psychedelic-something as the mesh. What *is* going on? Episode sounds less like a track than a pay-TV syperhyped boxing match. Seriously large. And if you doubt that B-Boy breaks can melt into psychedelic sounds, this’ll set you straight.

Closer contains some truly wonderful sounds, unbelievably deep layering and this wondrous spirit that makes you completely forget what it was you were supposed to be doing. It is THAT GOOD. When it drops at around the six-minute-mark, you will thank me. You will put up with me for every time I Got It Wrong. You will want my review babies, like the bitches you all are. It is THAT GOOD. Something Like Remember is closer in its spirit to conventional psy-chill (wailing goddesses, squelchy low-set acid, distant ethery in the pads), but with breaks. Nice, but nowhere near as orgasm-precipitating as Phantom Technology which, for my money, is the high-watermark of the genreclash thus far. The sounds here will make you weep – I guarantee it.

And this is before Phantom Technology thwacks in, a deliriously tasty tune, and likewise The Tangent Universe that’s got more in common with the Sasha-spawned breaksy trance. Hefty, the peak and drop on this will have you grinning from ear to over there, and the slide back down to earth is pure electronic music at it’s best. Zeitgeist is a pacey bit of attention-deficit-disorder-simulation, pausing momentarily in the break before coming back with one hell of a bang. You notice, on this one, that Mood Deluxe fits effortlessly into the music he’s making, as though it was an already-established genre rather than something new.

The Living Receiver is some alien-mutated form of two-step on rather large amounts of 2CB, Wrong Way is (shocker) a 4-4 bit of oldskool psytrance, and bloody nice it is too, even if it does mean I have to try very hard indeed not to use the word “Goa”. Shit. Just did. Lucid Juice throws us back to breaks, in a manner and style broadly in keeping with the sort of stuff Giiwa or Demon Tea might throw at us. What strikes me here is how full the music is – there’s simply so much going on, and simply so much going off, you can’t help but fall in love with it for the sheer immersion factor. Finally, Amber doesn’t seem to have quite the energy or Wow-factor as the rest of the album, but we can forgive this.

This is a wonderful, wonderful release. The depth, the clarity, the confidence in the changes is precisely what is missing from identikit shit-u-like psytrance. Where people look back to Hallucinogen’s Twisted as the start of psychedelic trance, or to Shpongle as the start of psy-chill, one day they may just look back to this as the start of whatever the hell Mood Deluxe has just invented.


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