Doof Interview – 2001

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The first interview I did, in pre-psyreviews days, with Nick Doof


Okay, the number one question has to be: where have you been and what have you been doing?

Since the last cd came out, I´ve been doing a lot of travelling. It was around that time that i started to DJ at parties…before then I was quite happy just to make the music in the studio and hand it over to the DJ to play. Since i´ve been DJing, its kept me more or less continuously on the move, even though i try to limit my appearances a bit, to keep things fresh for me and the audience.

Things have changed a lot from your first LP "Let’s Turn On" in 1996 – how do you see the scene now compared with how thngs were ‘back then’?

Yes the scene has changed, if it had remained stagnant then it could not have survived as long as it has…whether its changed for the better is another question…theres alot more music out there, but not necessarily more good music…alot more parties, but not necessarily good ones…one thing that’s for sure is that the original spirit of the parties has…well, let´s say that the jewel in the heart of the trance lotus has rolled under the edge of the sofa…you can still find it, but you have to go a long way these days…

Along with Hallucinogen and Man With No Name, you were one of the original goa "darlings" that got coverage in Mixmag. Do you think that the way the mainstream music press deserted the psychedelic scene was more a blessing or a curse?

Well, it was fun while it lasted, I s´pose… one of the things I always liked about the trance scene was that it never relied on press support, but bubbled up through word of mouth and grass roots appeal. It seems that with the music press, he who lives by the sword, dies by it…even at the best of times it was always a rather cautious waltz between the press and the trancers… but by and large the true creators in the trance community were there for other, more personal reasons than trendy bandwagon-jumping, and press interest, or lack of, has always been peripheral to those motivations.

I‘ve always been impressed by the more ambient stuff you do, the bong’n'hammock side. This is something you’ve been doing from the word go, is it something you want to continue? Maybe to a similar level to (Hallucinogen’s) Shpongle project?

Yes, I was always doing ambient tunes, even before i was releasing stuff…. I came to realise that one can go a lot deeper, both texturally and emotionally, with down-tempo stuff…it will be a big part of my future musical direction, I think…

Sounds like a lot to look forward to – you seem to collaborate with Simon (Hallucinogen) a lot – is there a lot of chemistry when you both get in the studio?

In my opinion, Si and I always had a powerful and hilarious chemistry between us in the studio… I´d love for us to work together some more…. I think some of the tunes we produced in collaboration were amongst the best work either of us has done.

The new LP then, it’s bound to do the business – how would you describe it?

I always think of the new CD as a bit of a mixed bag, representing all the musical flavours that i´ve been involved with over the last 3 years… I think all the tunes on there are quite different to each other, so everybody should find at least one or two they particularily like.

Its by no means a trance album, and I hope this doesn´t confuse peoples expectations of Doof, but I think its a broader and more subtle record… I reckon that, with hindsight, it will ultimately be a transitional album from my earlier hard trance sound, towards a softer, but more evolved style. As far as the titles go, have fun, they are open to interpretation…"its about time" can be taken a few ways,so you can decide which one you like best…

Do you think trance has lost its ‘spiritual’ edge?

try looking under the sofa…

What’s some of the best you’ve heard this year?

My favorite tunes this year have been from process/prometheus benjy, who I do the citizen kaned stuff with…top,top tunes.

After all the hype, what has the Year 2000 meant to you? And, how about 2001? Seems a good time to start new things…?

2000? for me its been a year of change,but change for the better…and i hope that continues into 2001…






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