Various – Future Sound Masters (Tip New World)

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Featuring, according to the blurb, some of the artists who will be shaping the new sound of Tip New World next year.

Hujaboy’s Psy Babby has a great tecchy feel to it, a wobbly breakdown, a cracking sample (“it’s psychedelic baby, that’s what it’s all about!”), and an unbelievably solid drop. ManWithNoName comes up with two tracks, Dirty Trick definitely has echoes of his older stuff – that cut-up high-end lead makes me get all misty-eyed. It’s a little puzzling because the main riff in there sounds just like Out Here We Are Stoned; however his String Theory is a belter. At first it seems to be lacking a bit of energy, and limping a little – then it gathers riffs and sounds, all meshed together in an incredibly intricate pattern, and it.. just… goes off.

Then something evil happens: YET another unwanted, unwarranted remix of D-Nox & Becker’s Benassi-bothering bacardi breezer vomit-in-a-taxi forced anal entry summer “smash” Switch. It’s by Bullet Proof, it sounds like it was put together in about half an hour, and it’s either a late contender for worse tune of 2005 or early contender for worst tune of 2006. Fucking awful: Dino, hang your head in shame.

One quick bath and a visit to church later, Biotonic’s Mexicosed Brains is tecchy neofullon with a tasty little break, an annoying woman moaning, but then it gets meaty so that’s okay; Science Mythology meanwhile is nondescript stuff, predictable albeit with a fairly tasty two bars’ worth of final run. Sandman’s Holy Flip is the big surprise here – crunching, huge, funny and terrifying all at once – very good stuff, and genuinely new in its sound and approach: we like.

Finally Terraformers’ Dragon Dance has some nice tricks and sounds and turns in it, with a final run that sounds like being chased by pterodactyls (not that I would know). Overall it’s a bit of a weird collection, and aside from that f*ing Bullet Proof it shows that there might be a fair bit of substance in the sublabel’s manifesto after all.

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