Tron – Existence (Liquid)

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Mexican artist Tron has caused quite a few waves already – and this looks set to further the cause. His music is deft, playful – it’s almost as though it’s slinking and skipping around the room, like a sonic Mescalito cheekily ruffling feathers as it goes. In other words, you can forget the arms-in-the-air, mental-mental-mental approach and give over to a measured, artistic approach to music.

This Is The Key (remix) is a masterpiece – so fluid you have to remind yourself it’s made on a computer and out of binary. It’s all about waves of sound ebbing and flowing, truly magical stuff. Listen has a middle run that has to be heard to be believed: exquisite layering and fiendishly good melodies tweaked in a subtle yet direct way. InFinity has an incredibly psychedelic hook to it: the intricacy reminds me of Cosmosis but the energy here is that much fresher and more dynamic… it really takes you places (and I mean that.)

Low Disk Space takes things a step into messier territory, this is proper outdoor stuff complete with monsters chasing you, a load of mates you can’t find, and an accidental double-dose of strange minty liquid. The sounds on Shaman Pharmaceuticals have to be heard to be believed: it’s as though every single layer, every single voice has been crafted and moulded perfectly, and the movement and little tricks here and there add a new dimension that’s unbelievably deep, psychedelic, funky and succulent.

Slide (remix) has a tecchier vibe, with staccato percussion balancing well against otherworldly, organic dubby noises. And to cap it all, 8-Legged Taco sees the bpms drop to 136, with a bassline that’s so good I almost want to cry. At this pace, the sounds breathe even more… and they fully seem like they’re taking over. Tron is a rare find. When you’re sucked into the soul of this music, you really get the impression that the tracks have been “given life to” rather than “produced” (and no, I’m not stoned.)

An uncommonly good album, with more multidimensional depth and soul than you ever dreamed possible. Trance for grownups.

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