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TICON (Fredrik Gilenholt & Filip Mårdberg made great waves with their first two albums Rewind (2001) and Aero (2003), and elevated themselves to one of the most exciting and dynamic progressive acts around. With their new album Zero Six After (Digital Structures) about to drop, Damion Psyreviews caught up with them between touring, updating their website (http://www.ticonmusic.com) and, as you’ll see, fixing critical errors on board the International Space Station….
Okay – so first up, where are you and how are the vibes?
Right now we are floating onboard the ISS (International Space Station) just passing over the Sahara desert while drinking beer in zero G,  and the Vibes couldent be stronger! Between gigs we always take our refuge up here…
The new album Zero Six After drops soon. How do you see it as part of the evolution from Rewind, thru Aero, to this?

Zero Six After is for us a milestone, we have never worked so hard on an album before, we have worked on it for 2 years and we are quite blown away by the result. This album is different from both Rewind and Aero. We tryed to give it a new approach, both musically as energywise. By producing songs over a period of 2 years we managed to get the album very varied and as we liked it, as we change our opinion about what kinds of music we like every month or so…

The sound on the new album – which we can’t wait to hear – is it in keeping with the previous mould you created? Is there any more stuff that falls into the pattern of It Breakz My Heart off the last album?
On Zero Six After, we have covered averything that we like from Club to morning trance to electro and rocking tekktrance! We sat in the studio and said ; lets make music that we don´t think that we got the skills to make. And the results were super cool. When you make something new that you haven’t tried before, you can get away from the “mould” and for us thats a cool thing.
But as always there is the touch of Ticon in all our music!

Since Aero there was a long break until the Texus Magnusson / Spincycle 12”. Where the hell were you?

As we said before, we stayed in the studio for 2 years producing the new album and in between that we have been digging our secret tunnel to the Carlsberg beer brewery. The pipeline will be finished late 2010 and provide us with free beer for the rest of our lives!
What does the name mean : “Zero Six After”?
Zero Six After stand for six years after , we liked that name because we have been working as Ticon for six years now. If you listen to the first Ticon releases and compare them with the music on Zero Six After, you will find it very different from one another. We are very proud of our success with Ticon and the name Zero Six After is a tribute to all the hard work we put into it.
I assume you get to travel a lot and play all over the world. Over the last couple of years where have you been?
We have been indoors, outdoors, upwords, downwords, over ground, under ground even in the refrigerator in the presidential suite of Royal Hyat Hotel. The only place that we havent visited yet is Africa, and the desert plains of Russian Kirkutsk…
Where would you say was the best?
In the refrigerator in the presidential suite of Royal Hyat Hotel.

And any travellers’ horror stories? =)

Wow, where should we start? 
We have traveled so mouch that we probably could host some flight and guiding tours of our own…. there is many horror stories: We have been allmost crashing with airplanes, close to been thrown in prison, scared by megamonster spiders in Australia, denied traveling home in Paris with: “ the flight is full sir, if you dont leave me alone now I have to call the police”…

And of course there is the flight in mexico when Filip had to sit next to a man that weighed at least 300 kg. The airplane was actually tipping a little bit to the left side in take off.
Fredrik thought that was extremly funny but on the flight back the fat man sat next to…. HIM. Muhahaha

Where are you headed overseas over the next few months?
Wait…. Fredrik had to float over to module 63 in the ISS to repair a subtraction device in sector 730556. Thats all fixed now, good work old chap!

Right now we are working on our new liveset that we will introduce on our Brazil and Argentina tour in a few days. We will stay there for 3 weeks giging and then back home for 2 days, then we have Europe and Japan gigs. So we are quite busy..

Over the last couple of years, progressive has really gained ground, capturing more people’s imaginations than ever before. Why do you think this is?
There is a big development in the progressive scene, the sound is evolving all the time and thats what we think is the reason for its succes.  There is alot of talented artists out there that keeps the music alive, and we, among others are going to deliver for many more years.
Do you even like psytrance these days? Any producers worth mentioning?
We are open to any music influences, we even have one track on the album wich is more full on oriented, only not so full on :)

If we should mention anyone it would be the Munk of Shabbakla, he sits by him self on a mountain and produces the fattest sound! The only problem is that no one has the effort to climb up to him so his music will be lost for ever. Too bad..

Looking more broadly – who would you say are your main musical influences?
We pick up our influences in our daily lifes, our family and friends provide us with alot of inspiration. But the main inspiration comes in the studio when we are just having fun.

What do you listen to when you’re at home just chilling?
When we are “chilling” we never listen to anything that has been made inside a computer, fredrik likes Frank Sinatra and I (Filip) am quite in to Swedish pop music at the moment, but that could all change in a day or two…  As long as it is not death metal we are quite happy.

Are you going to release any more downtempo material?
Since the Ticon album took up all our time we didnt have time for anything else, but now we will start up New Disco Science Alliance (our club project) and defenetly make some more smooth sexy downbets!

When you sit down at the mixing desk… if you really can’t be bothered to make any “serious” progressive music, and you just want to mess about … what happens? What comes out?
Hahaha… funny stuff, mostly we take a beat and sing something stupid on it and laugh about it. We have alot of this kind of material laying around that we keep in a safe away from public ears!
But it is also at these time that many cool ideas comes out of our brains, when u dont really care…

For the tecchies out there, what’s your studio equipment list?
This is a secret only The Pentagon know about, but if you are one of those nerds that actually cares about this stuff, check our webpage http:// www.ticonmusic.com 

Where do you stand on Skazi?
Is killer  man. Why u don put trekk? Why like this? Im telling u! hahaha

Has LSD been replaced by Cocaine as the trance elite’s drug of choice?
We allways plug Swedich meatballs into our noses, together with some potatoes and gravy its the perfect mix for a long and fucked up night.
LSD? Bahh…  My grandma cooks the fatest psychedelic meatballs on this side of the galaxy!

Tell us a joke:
An old man goes to see the doctor and gets some tests. When the results come in, the doctor calls the old man in and says, “You’d better sit down. It’s pretty bad.”
The old man, naturally, gets all nervous and asks, “What is it doc? Don’t hold back — just give it to me straight.”
“Well,” says the doctor, “you have cancer and you have Alzheimers.”
The man replies, “Wow. Well, at least I don’t have cancer.”

Would you rather be run over by a steamroller on fresh tarmac on a cold day, or old tarmac on a hot day?

We prefer beeing dropped out into space, orbitting earth for about 60 minutes then blasting thru the atmosphere like two comets wearing nothing but swimming trunks and when we land on a Mexican highway on a extremly spiky cactus, then a steam roller run us over, on a cold day.
Would you rather take a bath in bongwater, or someone else’s saliva?
We would rather sit up in Jabba The Hutts ass and produce our next album, but if we really have to choose, we take the bongwater, this makes you smell soooo nice afterwards, so we can go out and fix ourselves some nice looking chicks!

How many trance producers does it take to change a lightbulb?
One to figure out why its dark
One to test if there is electricity in the outlet by putting his finger in to it
One to steal the other guys synthezisers while it´s dark
One who thinks he shines so much on stage that he dont need more light
And one who is too stoned to even understand what the hell is going on

And do you have anything else to say in your defence?
We dont have time, there is a electrical problem in section 38603926… we have to fixe that now. But we would like to recomend both our new album and the new webpage www.ticonmusic.com which among others features a really cool section called mix your Ticontrack! Chech it out!

Over and out from the ISS floating over england at the moment, see ya soon eartlings!

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