Ecliptic – A Fissure In Silence (Maia)

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I’m hard-pressed to name a 2005 fullon CD that’s as tight and dynamic as this. I’ve had emails saying that psyreviews is biased against fullon, that any fullon release automatically gets bumped down, and so forth. False.

The truth is that most of it is derivative pap that lacks the raw energy, the deftness, that’s on display here. Think cliché-free trance with thundering bottomends, flickering sounds across the top, with bags of attitude all wrapped up in this nonchalant, effortless approach to the music, which never sees the boys fall back on tossing in any old big melody.

The title track and To Pass Over Thoughts are incredible, with vast spaces in between the sounds that somehow make their own energy. Think Funky combines first-class riffage with good, old-fashion chunkiness, while the break and drop on Oversoul is among the best you’ll ever hear. Reveillon is proper job high-octane psychedelia, and even the token downtempo track Zero Point (Lunar Sound Remix) is immaculate enough to be genuinely exciting and interesting in its own right.

This, ladies and germs, is rare indeed – it’s one of the most exciting debuts in psytrance in a very long time. Superbly crafted, mature music that shows there’s life in the old fullon dog yet. Thank fuck for Ecliptic.


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