Various – Zoo3 – Compiled by Skazi (Chemical Crew)

Posted in Reviews 2004 by - April 21, 2004

Okay. Well, Skazi utterly rocked Melbourne recently, I assume he rocks wherever he goes (in the toilets as well, depending on who you listen to), and this double-CD is essentially the music he bashes out at such events. In fact, replace the longhair, guitar-obsessed Israeli with an ipod that can beatmatch, and you’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference. Skazi’s sound has certainly become more commercial since his last output, and certainly since his artist albums. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing: the last couple of years have seen guitars invade psytrance, and remind us now and again that we’re all old indie rockers at heart (oh, alright then, except you)…and they may be shit, laboured, dull, crap power chords played on amps bought out of a catalogue, but nobody can question the power of Mescaline or Acid For Nothing dropped at the right time, or Dark Soho maybe, to say nothing of that f*ing seek and destroy remix. Zoo3 is, for the most part, in this league. Across two “monsters of RAWK!!” CD’s, there’s air guitar-friendly remixes of Infected’s I Wish and Benny Benassi’s Satisfaction, and a slinked-down Smells Like Teen Spirit. Which is actually bollocks. On other tunes, Skazi teams up with the likes of Ami, 40% and Paranormal Attack to create other sub-satriani-turd-chuggers; and with other flecks including Dino’s That’s It, Psychotic Micro’s Frankenstein and Exaile’s Hide & Seek, it all adds up to two CD’s of chunky, hefty trance that maintains that crowd pleasing thunk. By the end of a straight listen through both c d’s, it’s guitar overkill; this will either strike you as a good thing or a terrifying thing…. and I guess it’s one of those albums.  

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