Various – Hypernova (Spun)

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A new Spun CD generally attracts as much excitement and competition here as a game of ‘who’s going to shove this milk bottle up their arse.’ After frisbeeing it around between us, we eventually realised that we ought to review it before we broke the CD, or worse still, we damaged the walls or something. First up, GMS vs. Wrecked Machines with Growling Machines. Know what GMS sound like? Know what Wrecked Machines sound like? Okay!!! So track two then, Exhaile’s Flower: reasonably tuff, and while it’s as predictable as the average psyreviews review of a Spun record, there’s actually some surprises in here too. Wizzy’s Super Super Vitamin is, I concede, pretty damn tasty but that’s only because we like Wizzy Noise more than we like cold Pimms on a hot afternoon. GMS’ remix of Astrix’s Eye To Eye is about as fucking interesting as spending your fucking life on a fucking train platform writing down fucking carriage numbers. Actually, I take that back, as it’s an insult to the profession of trainspotting. If ever there was a tune that didn’t need a remix, it was this. And the last c*ts on earth you ever wanted to remix it was this lot. Void’s 3rd Dimension starts off very interesting — the guitar’s a nice touch, accoustic rather than electric (for once) and it genuinely sounds like an inventive tune. But where does it go? Into a mess of pounding, amyl-bassline euro that’s where, and a warped vocal that even the dance floor at Trade would concede was “a bit on the gay side.” Wrecked Machines please let me go, Bushman’s Jitterbug look I’m sorry, I tried. Vatos Locos vs. Altom’s Valtom is actually a nice f*ing tune and half really, but to bang on about it might encourage people to buy this CD and I’d sooner be held responsible for inciting racial genocide. GMS’ Beetlejuice Remix had me in two minds, in that is it a pile of wank or is it effective and genius if dropped at the right time, until Ed set me straight and we can now concurr, it’s a pile of wank, it should be the music on a Ghost House level of Super Mario, but that in itself is an insult to mustached Italian plumbers. Yes this is different to other spun releases, and yes there’s a couple of new ideas, but Spun doing this is akin to McDonald’s selling salads and f*ing ciabattas. Do you want GMS with that? I rather suspect f*ing not.


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