Son Kite – Colours (Digital Structures)

Posted in Reviews 2004 by - April 21, 2004

Yup, again I know we’re slow on this one. I picked this up in Australia and reckon I caned it all the way home on the plane. This, folks is one of those albums that you can do that with. For a start, it sounds as though literally months of preparation and work has gone into this. I have visions of Son Kite sat at home, his friends knocking on the door to see if he can come out and play, but there never being any answer. Legions of chesty fluoro groupies discarded like packs of rizla left out in the rain. That sort of thing. Son Kite has always been a field-leader in the progressive scene, and on this album he’s absolutely and resoundingly outdone himself. From the unfolding, subtle Other Side and Focus, through the evolving tapestry-tastic On Air and Game & Watch, the melodic hook on The Stars Within Us and right to the closing, go-on-play-the-album-again title track. Fluid, effortless, and with production c learer than a proverbial crystal skull, this is one of the better albums of the year so far, deserves far greater recognition and sales than it (or anything else in psytrance this year) will achieve, and firmly places Son Kite as one of the main draws at this year’s festivals. F*ing marvellous all round: thank you. 

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