Polaris – Polaris (Neurobiotic)

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Right then. It’s a probable statistic that about 80% of dance music is disposable. Some tunes will sound great for years, some you can get away with for a couple of months, and some you can only get away with playing a couple of times, as though it’s a Euro 2004 novelty record. With psytrance, it’s a little different: sure, there’s the cosmosises, the hallucinogens, the shpongles and the infecteds (forgetting converting vegetarians for a minute). Then there’s tunes that sound pretty decent for a summer, and maybe sound good again when you revisit them further down the line. However Polaris’ album is so thin, so throwaway, it’s possibly the most disposable psytrance since… finish the sentence for yourself. The tunes, which are all pretty much of a muchness, have great noises in them. Really nice, very well polished. However they lack a discernable bottomend, no matter how loud you crank it. It’s all about samples and formula till it gets to the breakdown, then it’s a big noise and then it’s all lots of noises all together. It even deploys those sustained, rising ‘takeoff’ tones, as though we couldn’t tell that the sonic temperature was rising. This particular style of music, the kinda neo-fullon pioneered by labels like Neurobiotic, works best when it has the cute topend coupled with the driving attitude down below. But this is a sheer disappointment – nine tunes utterly indistinguishable from one another, and too many sounds battling for your attention like toddlers on Ritalin.


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