Various – Echoes (Moon Spirits)

Posted in Reviews 2003 by - April 21, 2003


Blimey. This is a label carving themselves one hell of a niche in the fullon scene. And this compilation rocks, no two ways about it. Sonicsurfers’ P.O.D. (Talamasca Rmx) is a solid start, with flecky acid runs setting things off and an infectious groove underpinning it all. Silicon Sound’s Nexus 6 has instant classic writen all over it, a huge bassline and darting sounds everywhere and a lead synthline that’s killer whenever you drop it. That’s definitely going in the box. Things ger darkier, scratchier, sketchier with Soundfarmers’ Speedfreak, and Polaris’ Clear is gnarly n’ snarly all the way. Talamasca’s Speaking Robot is here, a massive tune of course, though not quite as massive as Echologic’s Evolution Command which is just sheer killer, with all the right sounds in all the right places and a serious set of attitudes all over it. Toires adds an appreciated ease back into reality, after which you’re literally reeling from one of the best sets of ten trance tunes around.


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